Anthony Merenda



Anthony is the founder of the most modern  and reputable 24/7 gyms on the Atherton Tablelands, Furious Fitness have 2 amazing locations being in Atherton and Mareeba, with members having full 24 hours access to both facilities. Anthony grew up on the family farm in Tolga and attended the local primary school there and later Atherton State High School. After finishing school he joined the family farm full time and then moved into the Mining industry.


Anthony has always led an active lifestyle playing soccer and representing FNQ in his early teens and racing motocross. It was when he started training in the gym that he found his true passion. Inspired by the dedication it takes to body build, Anthony committed to his own betterment and trained to compete and is one of the top Amateur Bodybuilders in Australia.


Anthony wants to give others the same opportunity to live a strong and healthy lifestyle and felt he could best do this by opening the Furious Fitness in 2016. He has big dreams to keep expanding gyms across regional communities to give people access to facilities that will enable them to live healthier and happier lives.


Feel free to come and say g’day to Anthony at the gym! He is always happy to have a chat about anything fitness related and provide training tips and techniques.

Anthony Merenda



Being exposed to the fitness industry early on in his upbringing, Alex has always been involved in sport; to name a few, Karate kickboxing and boxing, Rugby League and swimming, and as a result has trained at the gym to some capacity for as long as he can recall.

Health and fitness has always given him something positive to immerse himself in and is passionate about sharing this with all that he interacts with, he is also a true believer that despite the many ups and downs we may be faced with in our day to day lives, fitness will always be available as an outlet and something that we can have as an aid to minimise stress and give back to ourselves both physically and emotionally!

Along with the above listed sports, Alex began competing in 2017 as a bodybuilder, where he won the IFBB Australian National Titles for Classic Bodybuilding, two years on he travelled to America to compete on the largest Amateur stage in Las Vegas; taking first place in his class and claiming his IFBB Classic Physique Pro Card and status! 

Although bodybuilding is now Alex’s passion, and that is both the sport and lifestyle he lives eats and breaths, his career is one based on giving back to that sport that he so much adores! 

With a background of obviously; bodybuilding, strength/conditioning/hypertrophy training/programming, healthy eating/dieting and nutrition (both example meal plans and or macro counting/guides for flexible dieting) for both competition athletes and gen pop looking to improving health or body composition in both males and females, along with continuing his own pursuit as a top level and professional bodybuilder, Alex’s passion professionally is not just in providing sustainable, quick and real results for his clients in and out of the gym, but also in his ability to impart some of the knowledge he’s been able to accrue over the past 15 or more years of training both by himself and with some other top and elite level trainers and coaches!

Both education and knowledge is key if you want to be successful with your goals, may it be in regards to fat loss, muscle gain and or as a competitive athlete, this relates to both training and dieting principles! 

Alex is an extremely passionate personal trainer coach and athlete with many client success stories as well as his own, and loves to train in all areas of health and fitness for long term lifestyle changes and results! Weight loss, strength, Endurance, and recomposition. All offered with structured planning and programming. Both face to face tuition or a full online service is available! Please contact Furious Fitness or Alex direct to arrange a consult!

Anthony Merenda



Welcome everyone! I’m Jason, the manager at Furious Fitness Atherton. 

Born and bred in Atherton, Jason has lived here his whole life and is a true tablelands local. Soon after finishing high school Jason worked on various farms for a couple years before joining the Furious Fitness team in 2017 but had been a member of the gym since day dot! 

Jason has been around sport and fitness since a very young age from playing soccer in early primary school to boxing in high school and eventually weight training which is his passion now. “Before Fitness Fitness came to Atherton, personal trainers were hard to come across therefore I had to learn everything on my own and I’m still continuing to learn everyday!”, Jason said.

Jason is there 5-6 days a week and his passion is with the gym and it’s members, so don’t be shy to come say hello or ask for a bit of advice as he is more than happy to help. 

Anthony Merenda



Ahlia has been a part of the Furious Fitness Industry for the good part of a decade. With a background in Bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience with varied training techniques and has experience with everything from rehabilitation to postpartum training and everything in between.

Although an extremely passionate and motivated Personal Trainer, Ahlia also has an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and Sports Nutrition and strongly believes that Food is Medicine.

Combining her love of fitness and holistic health, Ahlia has the ability to assist you in all facets of your health & wellness journey. From the advanced athlete to the absolute beginner, Ahlia’s empathetic approach to her clients ensures you not only reach your goals, but optimal health as well. 

Anthony Merenda



Meet Tash, the Mareeba Furious Fitness Manger

Born in Townsville, Tash then made the move with her family to the Tablelands when she was 10 years old. After completing High school at Malanda State High, she then went on to working at a couple of various jobs before joining the Furious Fitness team at the end of 2017.

“I remember how excited I was when I heard the news that a brand new 24/7 gym was opening up in Atherton. I made sure I was there first thing opening day to sign up!”

Tash has always lived a healthy, active lifestyle with playing hockey for over 5 years and touch football. She started her passion for gym during high school and since then has always been in the gym weight training.

“I love getting to know all the members and watching them on their fitness journeys. We are like one big Furious family”

You can find Tash at the gyms 5-6 days a week so don’t be shy and make sure you come say hello!